Useful classroom data

Access useful data and charts at a glance which illustrate how classrooms are performing. From a management point of view, this helps quickly identify teaching staff who may require assistance. From a teacher’s point of view, this data will identify the students who are achieving adequate skill development and those who are requiring additional support.

Classroom teachers will discover exactly what to instruct and the associated training outlines how to deliver targeted, explicit instruction relative to the range in ability within the class.

The ALTR educational platform was designed specifically with teachers and principals in mind.

Easy screening scheduling

Follow our recommended schedule or adjust it to suit the needs of your school.

Either way, teaching staff will be notified when there’s a scheduled screening coming up as well as if there are any students who are overdue (e.g. due to being away when the test was administered).

Access to customized resources

Test formats are available for download along with recommended PLD SSP classroom programs based on recent screening results.

Plus, all teaching staff will have unlimited access to our suite of online courses developed specifically for primary school teachers, included with your subscription.

Accessible test history

Want to see not just what a student scored on a test, but which ones they got right and wrong?

The entire history of all tests, including scores, responses to each question and any additional comments, is readily accessible for the current and past years.

Save time

The online platform and companion handbook ensure you have all the resources at the ready when it comes to testing time.

Plus, results are entered directly so there’s no transferring data or double-handling of results and no need to keep folder after folder of test papers you’ll likely never refer to again.

Principals rejoice – it’s all here!

Getting an idea about how your classrooms are performing is extremely hard.

But with ALTR you can access up-to-date data for every classroom (and every student) and see how they are progressing as the year goes on. It’s never been so easy to see how your classrooms (and school) are performing, but it’s all accessible in your ALTR dashboard.

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